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Well rounded and diverse minds for a full spectrum expertise.

The laboratory personnel consists of experts with diverse education and backgrounds to ensure we cover every aspect of immersive research and development for real world applications.

Full Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, currently conducting the courses in the fields of Machine Elements, Mechanisms and Tribology as well as leading the activity of the Micro-Nano Systems Laboratory (MiNaS). Former Researcher of Région Wallonne from Belgium at Liege University as well as former Researcher within the European project FP6 – Advanced Methods and Tools for Handling and Assembly in Microtechnology-ASSEMIC (Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Mechatronics)
Publications: 10 books; more than 80 scientific papers

Prof. Dr. Eng. Marius PUSTAN - CV


Full professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca since 2007, with expertise in Machine Elements, Mechanisms and Tribology and also a member of Micro-and Nano-Systems Laboratory. She is specialized in advanced ceramic materials and has worked at IWF, Technische Universitat from Braunschweig, Germany.
Publications: 11 books; more than 130 scientific paper

Prof.Dr.Eng. Corina BIRLEANU - CV


Full professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca conducting the courses in the field of Mechanics of materials and Finite element method with expertise in experimental mechanics, material testing and numerical simulations. He was a Marie-Curie postdoctoral researcher in Neu-Ulm, Germany as well as a research fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) at TU Chemnitz, Germany.
Publications: 5 books; more than 60 scientific papers

Prof.Dr.Eng. Cristian DUDESCU - 


Lecturer in the field of materials science and engineering. Researcher in the MiNaS laboratory with expertise in thin films and surface engineering as well as powder metallurgy. Developing and characterizing different thin films with applications in manufacturing MEMS devices and composite materials for tribological applications.

Lect.Dr.Eng. Violeta MERIE - CV


Lecturer in the field of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering with expertise in Nano mechanics and Nano tribological characterization of MEMS, as well as expertise in designing reliable resonators and performing optimizations and mathematical modelling.

Lect.Dr.Math. Florina Maria SERDEAN - CV


Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, he is specialized in Automotive Technology Development. He previously worked in the field of automotive safety and is curently assisting courses and projects in mechanism and machine elements. 

Assist.Prof.Dr. Eng. Horea CRISAN - CV


PhD. Scholar specialized in business and industrial design with an international background. His previous experience includes working in the fields of product development for some of the most prestigious design and technology companies in Romania. 

PhD. Scholar Ionut MARIES - CV


Lecturer specialized in finit element mothod with expertise in numerical simulations and material strength analysis.

Radu Chiorean



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