Tribomechanical Characterization of MEMS Materials
for Space Applications under Harsh Environments
Project description
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, IMT Bucharest
Research activities are performed in this project in order to determine the behavior of MEMS materials in harsh environmental conditions
from space applications. Analitical models and simulation of mechanical and tribological properties of MEMS materials and structures for
different operating conditions are included in project development.

The main scope of project is the accuracy characterization of the mechanical and tribological properties of MEMS materials in different
envitomental conditions and their correlation with MEMS structures considering multiphysics coupling effect in order to obtain an excellent
reliability and high lifetime of MEMS from space applications.

Planned goals and approaches developed in project are orientated  to levels TRL1 - 4, starting with the analysis of the material behavior in
space applications, development of the mathematical models for mechanical properties variation under different operating conditions
(temperature, humidity, vacuum, shocks), and ended with experimental validations.

Estimated results:
- Designing reliable MEMS structures with high life time;
- Improvement and reducing the designing time taken for the design of MEMS systems through the development of databases with 
   MEMS material properties;
- Database Software offers the possibility of estimation of MEMS lifetime of micro-system based on analysis of the request.
- Improvement of MEMS design software based on collaborations with interested companies;
- Organization of training modules for researchers and producers to use MEMS software developed.
- Scientific publications (ISI journals and International Conferences)
Agentia Spatiala Româna
Space Technology and Advanced Research - Programme for Research, Development and Innovation - STAR
International Workshop "Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanotribological Characterization of Thin Films"