The existing resources and their use are:

a) AFM NT206 with the resolution of 2 nm and modules as normal mode, lateral force and dynamic modes - is used to estimate the mechanical and tribological properties of MEMS materials and structures;

b) A equipment for MEMS Lithography - is used for fabricate the samples and prototype;

c) 3D optical measuring system for displacement & strain analysis in components based on digital image correlation technique is used for analysis of the stress-strain behaviour;

d) Machines for experimental analysis of friction with 4 modules with the possibility of measurement at macro and microscale;

e) Polytec Vibrometer Analyzer (existing to the University of Liege) - this machine is used in the project development to perform dynamic analysis;

f) Nanoidenter (in collaboration with Warsaw University and Technologies and The National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies- IMT Bucharest).

g) Cleanroom (class 1000) with temperature, preasure and humidity control.

h) Atomic Force Microscope AFM - XE 70 Park System including nanoindentation module.
Advanced design of micromembranes with multiple degrees of freedom for optical MEMS applications