Project objectives
O1. Investigations on materials used to fabricate MEMS micromembranes from optical applications:
(1) Analysis of MEMS materials designed to achieve the limits of use and requirements imposed for optical applications;
(2) Experimental determination of mechanical properties of materials used in MEMS optical applications;
(3) Experimental study of the influence of temperature on mechanical properties of materials used in MEMS optical applications;              (4) Opening of a database including the material behavior at different temperatures and the project website.
Deliverables: The project web page; Database with material properties used in optical MEMS and their dependence as a function of temperature: Participation in two international conferences.
O2. Theoretical and numerical analysis of static and dynamic response of micromembranelor:
(5) Design of micromembranes with multi degree of freedom characterized by different geometrical configurations of hinges;
(6) Development of analytical models in order to determine the mechanical response of micromembranes for different displacements;
(7) Analysis of the stress behavior in hinges using the Euler-Bernoulli model or the Timoshenko model;
(8). Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of micromembranes for i-plane and out-of-plane motion and their optimization.
Deliverables: Database of geometric configurations and relationships of micromembrane in order to determined their response in different planes. Moreover, publication of an ISI journal article and participation to one international conference is provided.
O3. Manufacturing of micromembranes with high mobilities
(9) Identifying of adequate manufacturing process in order to avoid the pre-stress of investigated MEMS membranes;
(10) Micromembrane mask design and fabrication of micromembranes with different geometrical configurations with multiple degrees of freedom;
(11) Measuring of the real dimensions of fabricated micromembranes and, structural and morphological analysis;
(12) Results disseminations and participation in two international conferences.
Deliverables: one ISI paper and participation of one international conference. Manufacturing micromembranes report.
O4. Experimental investigations on the mechanical behavior of MEMS micromembranes:
(13) Analysis of the dynamical and statically mechanical behavior of investigated micromembranes in different planes (stiffness, compliances, displacement, resonant frequency);
(14) Experimental determination of the state of stress and strain and fatigue analysis;
(15) Measurement of the adhesion between the substrate micromembrane;
(16). Analysis of the thermal effect on mechanical response and on the adhesion force of investigated micromembranes.
Deliverables: scientific paper presented to one international conference, and the other one published in ISI journal. A report about micromembranes testing will be included on the project WEB page.
O5. Development of activities in order to improve the team knowledge and dissemination of project results:
(17) Participation of the team members to MEMS training courses;
(18) Updating and extending of the project WEB page;
(19) Participation to international conferences and published in prestigious journals;
(20) Implementation of development micromembranes in MEMS applications.
Proiect finantat de UEFISCDI 
Program Resurse Umane - Proiecte tip TE
Advanced design of micromembranes with multiple degrees of freedom for optical MEMS applications