n Infrastructure

- Clean Room - made modular, surface 30 m2; cleaning class - 1:1000; air flow 7000 m3/h; air humidity control
- Acoustic Room
- AFM multifunctional XE70 - with Nano indentation module; in spectroscopy mode points, the lateral force, dynamic mode and Nano indentation mode.
- Heating system with Peltier elements - possibility of temperature control between (- 4C ... 180C)
- AFM NT- 200 - in spectroscopy mode points, with the resolution of 2 nm and modules as normal mode, lateral force and dynamic modes - are used to estimate the mechanical and tribological properties of MEMS materials and structures
- Zeiss optical microscope - max.1000x
- Machines for experimental analysis of friction with 4 modules with the possibility of measurement at macro and micro scale TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CLUJ-NAPOCA
- 3D optical measuring system for displacement & strain analysis in components based on digital image correlation technique are used for analysis of the stress-strain behavior.
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